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What Makes a Best Selling Android App?

Within the past decade, the explosive rise in the use of smartphones has led to the establishment of the multi-billion dollar mobile application (or simply ‘app’) ecosystem. At the center of the app ecosystem (consisting of producers and buyers of apps and providers of platform services) is the app store. It is potentially interesting to find out whether certain features and characteristics are associated with the success of an app (measured as the number of times it has been downloaded / installed). The purpose of this project is to identify the characteristics of apps that can be used to predict its success. Using a publicly available web crawl of descriptive information on 1.1 million Apps in the Google Play App Store, I dig around to uncover some trends in the characteristics of best selling android apps. Implications, limitations and further thoughts are discussed.


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An Annotated Bibliography for Using Amazon Mechanical Turk to conduct Academic Research


While there is already a great deal of information out there, I’d like to add a fairly recent annotated bibliography on using Amazon Mechanical Turk for conducting behavioral research in the social sciences. I’ve collected data for three projects (and counting) using MTurk and have had Continue Reading