Quick and Dirty Tip to Piss off Coworkers

Its either I am getting very creative or I am losing my sanity!
This is a quick trick to piss off your co-workers or at least, draw out a few laughs.

Step 1:
Initiate multiple copying actions, preferrably to a flash drive since transfer speed is limited.

Step 2: with several of the copying windows open, take a screen capture using you ‘print screen’ button.

Step 3: open MS Paint and paste the image in the window and save it to a known location like the desktop.

Step 4: open the image and set it as your desktop background.

Step 5: move the windows still copying around to areas unfilled.

Step 6: repeat step 2 to step 5 as many times as you feel like.

Step 7: set the final beauty as your desktop background. Remember to hide desktop icons, good thing a few of them will be showing behind the copying windows to make it more realistic.

Step 8: offer your pc to a co-worker to use for some task and lean back and watch their confusion!!!!

You can also try different variations of showing them your desktop. Complain your computer is frozen, etc.

  • Anonymous

    Hehe. Poor fella!